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Independent Practice For Relative Pronouns

Independent Practice For Relative Pronouns. I can use relative pronouns correctly. Relative pronouns who, which, whose and that.

Relative Pronouns
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The most common are which, that, whose, whoever, whomever, who, and whom. “the girl whom peter met the other day is 28 years old.”. This relative pronoun quiz tests your knowledge of the words used to introduce relative clauses, which are:

“The Girl Whom Peter Met The Other Day Is 28 Years Old.”.

Potter is the teacher _____ likes coffee. Guided practice mandy is the girl with _____ i play softball. Give each student a card containing the relative pronouns who,.

If You Are Unsure How To Use The Words, Check Out The.

This grammar exercise tests your understanding of relative pronouns. Guided practice she is wearing the kind of dress _____my mother would approve of. 1) she worked for a man (the man used to be an athlete) [.

In This Free Relative Clauses Game, Students Practice Describing People, Things, Places And Times Using Defining Relative Clauses.

Model the woman _____ interviewed you is my boss.

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